easy cinco de mayo flower arrangements

So just like the Warhol soup cans I turned into vases, this project doesn't need much explanation...just pick a few bunches of bright and colorful flowers, trim them down to size, and fill the cans to overflowing.

This brand of hot tomato sauce does not have a label like the soup cans, so there was no need to seal them.  If the can you choose has a paper label, I suggest sealing it.

I ended up only using the larger, 28 oz cans, so I just filled the cans about halfway with water and filled them.  If your cans are smaller, floral foam may make the finished arrangements a bit more stable.

I used floral foam for our pumpkin vases here.  

The cans of Mexican tomato sauce were about $2 each and I picked the brightest bunches of flowers they had. 



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  1. Pretty 5 de Mayo idea for flower arrangement.


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