diy: 5 minute christmas apron

It's Christmas cookie season in our house, so that means for pretty much the entire month of December you'll find me in the kitchen preparing goodies...and usually looking around for a towel to wipe my hands so I don't use my pants.

I'm only slightly more sophisticated than my 6 year old who likes to use his sleeve as a napkin. Ha!

Anywho...I'm not really crazy about wearing full aprons, but found pretty tea towels at Target, that I knew would make for a super cute Christmas apron.  {I've got a thing for tea towels.  These napkins are still going strong!}

This project is the most basic of sewing {just a few straight lines!}, but if you're not comfortable using a sewing machine, it could be done with fabric glue just as easily.

You'll need:

tea towel
2 yards ribbon or twill tape
clear nail polish or fray check

Start by deciding how long you'd like your apron to be and trimming your towel to size.  I made mine about 18 inches long, which sits about Steve Urkel pants height and hits mid-thigh.

Fold over the top edge and iron an inch down on the wrong side of the towel.  Hem using a sewing machine or fabric glue.

Trim ribbon or twill tape into two equal pieces.  Place one ribbon on each side of the hemmed edge.  Sew or glue in place.  Use clear nail polish or fray check to seal the raw ends to prevent unraveling.

There you go...a pretty and festive apron perfect for Christmas baking...and in only about 5 minutes...make more than one and gift it along with baking items and a favorite recipe or just make a few for yourself and keep them in rotation.  It won't take long!!

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