diy: halloween bat balloon straws

These straws are a silly little Halloween party touch...and they're super easy to make!

To make them, you'll need:

black water balloons {available here}
Halloween colored paper straws {similar available here}
peel and stick googly eyes {available here}
thick black paper or cardstock
bat wing template {optional...I used a cookie cutter {similar here} but search google for an outline or just doodle it!} 

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Start by inflating the balloons to about 2 inches in diameter.  Squeeze the air down to make them round before knotting them.

Fold the cardstock in half and make bat wing templates.  Use a white pencil if you have one to make it easy!

Cut out bat shapes from the cardstock.

Tie the balloon to the top of the straw.

Slip in the cardstock wings.  The balloon should be snug enough against the straw to hold them in place.    

Stick on the googly eyes.

And put the straws in your favorite party drinks!

Happy Halloween!


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