chocolate dipped bananas + homemade magic shell

Remember eating chocolate covered bananas as a kid??  

We threw a birthday party for our two youngest over the weekend and I made these for the dessert table.  They were a hit and so easy to make too!

I started by prepping the night before...I cut the bananas in half, skewered them with a thin popsicle stick {found here}, and then put them in the freezer overnight on a cookie sheet.  

To make the chocolate shell, you'll need:

about 8 oz dark chocolate and 8 oz milk chocolate {I used an 8 oz bar of each}
about 2 tbsp coconut oil

Melt the chocolate {I did it in the microwave in about 45 sec}, stirring until smooth, and then stir in the coconut oil.  

Working quickly, dip the bananas {or anything else!} and coat with toppings...I used sprinkles and coconut flakes.  Place them on a parchment lined cookie sheet to harden.  

They're as pretty as they are delicious!


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  1. These look delish! I passed on a chocolate dipped banana last weekend after a giant bbq....i'm deeply regretting it.


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