diy: printable movie night popcorn bags

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For weeks now my littles have been asking for a movie night.  Sometimes is just seems like after the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, it's hard to carve out family time like that...

So I while I was at Walmart to picking up supplies for home projects I've also been putting off, and I picked up a copy of The Boxtrolls {available while supplies last} and a 10 count {enough to fill up all those bags!} box of Pop Secret popcorn.  Movie night plan done and done. ;)

What's important to me when putting evenings like this together is making things feel special, but not to ruin the fun of the moment by fussing so much that no one enjoys it. Printable popcorn bags paired with store bought popcorn is just the way for me to combine fun and convenience.

To create your own movie night popcorn bags, all you need is a home printer, regular brown lunch bags, and this free printable template.

Click here to download the template.

After you've downloaded the template, use a piece of washi or masking tape to secure the flap of the lunch bag.  

Adjust your printer tray as necessary to accommodate the size of the bag.  

Start printing, being sure to insert bags so they print in the right direction. {I always feed the bags one by one to avoid any paper jams.}

Fill your bags and enjoy an evening with the family watching The Boxtrolls!


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