diy: easy cloth napkins from ikea dish towels

I've had this project in the back of my mind forever.

So in hopes of going a little greener in 2015 {and let's be honest...being completely aggravated over throwing away too many paper napkins every meal}, we're switching to cloth napkins.

Each pack of 4 towels costs about $5 will yield 8 napkins.  Lay each towel out, cut along the crease {I took a picture of scissors but ended up using a rotary cutter to save time}, and then iron and hem each unfinished edge...I made 24 napkins in a little under an hour last night.  These really are cheap and easy.

I've made and sold my fair share of cloth napkins before...but {sorry former customers} vintage linens are super pretty but not all that absorbent and I think that's why I've always saved them for special occasions.  These dishtowels are everyday workhorses and durable!


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  1. Love this idea! I'll have to pick some dish towels up next time I'm at Ikea! Thanks for sharing!


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