halloween hot chocolate spoons

I put together these little treats as favors for friends on Halloween because in Chicago, you never know what kind of trick or treat weather we're going to have.

Usually it's cold.

Or rainy.

Or rainy and cold.


Chances are, hot chocolate is going to be a good choice to help warm up no matter what.

The spoons are really easy to make.  All you need is dark chocolate {or whatever flavor you like} bark discs, tiny marshmallows, and some festive sprinkles or tiny candies.

Then just melt down the chocolate according to the package directions and, using a standard metal spoon, carefully fill the wooden spoons with chocolate...it takes very little to fill them, so melt just a handful of chocolate discs at a time.

Before the chocolate cools and sets in the spoon, top with mini marshmallows and sprinkles.

I made the bags but just trimming felt into a pumpkin and gluing it on...and of course added a few little embellishments.

And then on Halloween night, all you need to do is warm up mugs of milk and stir in chocolate with the festive chocolate filled spoons.  So fun and so cute!



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