diy: yarn tassels

I've been seeing a lot of yarn love in my instagram and pinterest feeds lately.

Lots of weavings and lots of cozy fall knitting projects...that are all so gorgeous, but being perfectly honest, I would never finish.  So quick yarn tassels it is.  Wham. Bam. Done.

Here's how to do it:

Pick out your yarn.  I went for different colors and textures that I already had in my stash.  For someone who doesn't knit...I have way too much!!  {I do love making pom poms though...}

Wrap the yarn around a book or similar object 20-25 times.  I used a little pad of paper and went 20 times around with the thicker yarn and 25 times with the thinner yarns.  The more times around, the fuller the tassel.

Carefully slip the wrapped yarn off.

Fold another piece of yarn in half and loop it around the wrapped yarn. Plan the length of it on how high/low you want the tassel to hang.

Knot the looped yarn.  Make sure it's centered.

Wrap another piece of yarn around the tassel towards the top.  Knot it.

My trusty sidekick slash aspiring hand model.

With a sharp pair of scissors, cut the loops of the tassel and trim any uneven ends.

And there you go.  Tassels!

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  1. These are so cute! I would give it a try making these but I would end up putting tassels on EVERYTHING!


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