diy gift: painted wooden boxes

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These lovely painted boxes have been on my to do list for a while...

Making them and filling them with brand new, fresh Sharpies to gift to our tutors is the just the right way to start the school year.

And boxes filled Sharpies are always better than pencils!! :)

If you've been reading for a while {or follow me on instagram!}, you know my love of Sharpies as grown up coloring supplies...and every once in a while I even let my littles use it makes sense that I like to gift them too.

Painting the wooden boxes can be as simple or complex a design as you like...just mask off and paint.

I really liked the original tutorial's starburst design, so I went with that.

And then got all crazy and tried a herringbone pattern.
I like the starburst best. :)

I didn't prime/prep the wooden boxes at all before painting them, so I ended up with 3-4 coats of paint.

And if you're wondering about colors...

"pea shoot" {green}
"summer linen" {ivory}
"camellia pink"
"wild blueberry" {navy}
"sterling" {silver}
"wild salmon" {peach}

...all by Martha Stewart Crafts

"Jamaican Sea" {aqua...left over from this painting project} Folk Art

{wooden boxes can be found at Dick Blick or on Amazon}

Peeling the masking tape off and revealing the final look is so satisfying!!

Filling them with fresh Sharpies is pretty satisfying, too!

I bought my Sharpies at Staples, and now through August 24th, all Sharpie fine, ultra fine, and neon packs are on sale.  Score!  {While supplies last...of course ;)}


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