diy: cereal box mini pinata

My sister turned 30 last week, and if you follow me on instagram you know that I got creative with her gift packaging and put together a mini pinata full of fun little gifts.

Here's a {very!} quick run-through of how I made it.

I raided the recycling bin for a Cheerios box...then I sketched out a 3 and 0 on the front and back of the box and cut them out.

I also cut long strips 1.5" wide for the sides and then, taping them on as I went around, attached the front and back of the 3 and 0 until I formed 3D numbers.

Next I cut 2-3 inch strips of tissue paper, folding each in half, and then snipping with fringe scissors all the way down.  The wider the strips, the longer the fringe will be...all the little extra fringe pieces make the perfect confetti!

And then...the time consuming part {seriously...this took me forever}...start gluing the fringe strips.  I started by covering the edges and then worked my way in to the front and back.

After I finally finished gluing fringe, I used an Xacto knife to cut a door in each number so I could stuff them full of treats.

Finally, I hot glued a piece of twine to the top of each number just in case she wanted to hang them {but she better not break them after all that work! ;)}...and glued on a little message while I was at it, too.

Happy birthday, Lauren!

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