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This post sponsored by popchips.  My love of tasty snacks is all my own.  As always, thanks for reading! xoxo

I'll say this in a tiny whisper...just so I don't jinx it...but I think spring may have finally arrived.
In May.
Wearing Uggs and a winter jacket to baseball and soccer games is fun.

So I got brave and wore my flip flops and bought a few annuals.
...still not trying to jinx it....
And we've spent the last few afternoons in the backyard enjoying the 70 degree-ish sunshine and trying to prepare our gardens for planting.

Now at 30 something weeks pregnant and with a toddler in my shadow at all times, I don't do anything without snacks.

So meet my newest preggo love: popchips.
They're crunchy and satisfying like chips...but somehow not as bad for you {maybe it's magic?? Ha.}

The bag says it all...

popchips are a family of delicious potato, tortilla, and veggie chips popped crispy and full of flavor. they don’t fry it(too greasy). they don’t bake it (too cardboard-y). they start with the finest ingredients, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! it’s a chip. then they season it to perfection for a snack so tasty, you won’t even notice it’s got half the fat of regular potato chips.

To try popchips for here for a coupon.
And for a chance to win a date night package {$500 and 3 cases of popchips!!}...enter the more to love popchips sweepstakes, which ends May 31.


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