berry basket May Day bouquets

After stumbling across this lovely pic on instagram, I knew the next chance I had to gift flowers was going to involve a berry basket.

Thank goodness for May Day {but these would totally work for Mother's Day, too!}

I put a basket together for each of the boys' teachers during naps this afternoon.

I used:

pulp berry baskets I had saved from the farmer's market
tiny mason jars {I think they're 2 oz??}
parchment paper {the kind used to line baking sheets...I have a huge roll I bought at Costco} cut to about 11 x 11 inch squares
a few of my favorite $3.99 bouquets from Trader Joe's
ribbon and paper scraps and tiny clothespins

I lined each basket with a sheet of parchment and nestled in two mason jars...

I filled the jars with flowers and water...

Pinned a few embellishments on the side...

And was done!

Happy May Day, friends!  Hopefully this means today was the last day I have to wear a winter coat and Uggs to baseball practice!!


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  1. What a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these! Where did you find the "tiny mason jars"?

  3. Thanks for the wonderful idea and details! I'll be making these for my kids teachers (all 11 of them) and adding gift cards to their class teacher's baskets. Last year, I gave each teacher flowers and a beach towel in a tote bag and it got pricey. This is a wonderful alternative.


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