a St. Patrick's Day cake and the easiest cake topper ever

If you follow along with me on instagram, you already know I've been trying my hand at French macarons lately.

First batch:  awesomely awesome.  Taste good. Look good.  Surprised myself.  Thought it was a fluke.

And apparently it was.

Second batch: taste good, look awful.
Third batch: swear words flying.

So fresh off my frustration with the macarons, I went to something I couldn't mess up.
The cake.

And being the overly festive girl that I am, I put together the quickest toppers ever.  {Next to these!}

Just punch, hot glue to a toothpick, and call it good.
I love quick crafts that can't go wrong. :)


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  1. That is darling! I was just going through my blog archives and found the gumdrop wreath you posted as a guest post and I thought, "I haven't seen Cheryl in a while, I wonder what she is up to!" Still making fabulous projects- your blog is darling! :)


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