diy: colorful freezer paper stencil valentine treat bags

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Decorating simple muslin bags with freezer paper stencils is an easy way to doll up and add some quick color for school party favors.  Here's the simple diy of how I made valentine ones.  {I've also explained freezer paper stenciling in more detail before right here!}

What you'll need:
plain muslin bags {I used 2 x 3 inch, 4 x 6 inch, and 5 x 7 inch sizes}
freezer paper {I repeat...freezer paper...not wax paper, not parchment paper.  Freezer paper.  I either find mine locally at Walmart or have it delivered from Amazon.}
x-acto knife, scrapbook punches, cutting machine, etc.
craft paint {you know the ones you can't leave the craft store without a few bottles of every time...the ones that you have a huge collection of because you love looking at the rainbow of colors all lined up...oh wait maybe that's just me :)}
spouncer, small sponge, or paint brush

Start by cutting designs or words on your freezer paper.  I used a scrapbook punch for the hearts and my Silhouette cutting x-acto knife also works well if you're patient!

Remember to save any tiny bits of letters or designs {like the insides of the letter B in "be mine"} and that the shiny side of the freezer paper should be facing down.

After the designs are all cut, iron the freezer paper, shiny side down, to the muslin bags.  {I use a 3-4 heat setting on my iron}

Now get ready to paint!  Start by sliding a scrap of cardboard from the recycling bin or a few index cards inside the bag to prevent paint bleeding through to the back.

Then, using a tiny bit of paint at a time, start dabbing paint on the stencil with a spouncer.

The paint goes on super smooth, so this is quick...but still be careful not to use too much paint...if the freezer paper becomes saturated, the paint will seep beyond the stencil on the bags.

And if you want to go easier than cutting and ironing can always go for simple polka dots too!

The paint dries pretty fast, so then carefully peel away the stencils to reveal the cute and colorful designs. {bonus: water based paint is a snap to clean up from palettes and sponges with just soap and water while you're waiting}

Then fill your treat bags with party favors and enjoy!!

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  1. Did you make the muslin bags? or Buy them...?

  2. These are so freaking adorable I can't stand it. I'd like to know where you get little muslin bags as well!

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