over the rainbow {loom}

Thank you, Rainbow Loom.

Because there's only so much tv...
and only so much bickering...
and only so much bickering about tv...
we can take while this crazy polar vortex keeps us home from school.

I love how crafty it is.
And how colorful it is.
And how the boys can {pretty much} do it on their own {secret learning going on because you've gotta be able to spell to look things up on youtube!}.

The rainbowtized box doesn't hurt either. ;)

With a few breaks in between creations for Sister to wrap tourniquets around her tiny fingers with the rubberbands...
or take off into the other room with the hook...
and with only a few freak outs from me over the million rubber bands mixed in with the million Legos all over the floor...
we've all been happily occupied while we temporarily reside in arctic tundra.

We have fishtails and starbursts and ladders and triple singles and who knows what else I can't name for every day of the week and to match every outfit.

I feel like we've added a new member to our family after all the time we've spent listening and backing up and listening again to the peppy youtube girl {you just know she's going to grow up to be a creative blogger!} that makes it all look so easy.

So thank you, Rainbow Loom.
And now spring...hurry up!

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