the one where I give a tiny bit of beauty advice

This is what I use for a no chip mani at home.
I can usually get a full week out of it...minimal wear.

I bought both at the beauty supply store for less than $10 each.
I start with the bottle on the left as a base coat, then 1-2 coats of color {anything will do...I go between cheap Sally Hansen to expensive Essie}, and then the top coat.

This is so not my typical diy!!

Now I'm going out on a major limb here giving beauty advice because, seriously, if one of my littles didn't smear something on me, I probably have spray paint in my hair and hot glue on my clothes.
Hot mess.
But every once in awhile I like to clean myself up and go on a date. ;)

I instagrammed this pic last Sunday.  {Mainly because of the PAM trick I keep seeing pinned.  Jury's still out on whether I thought it made a difference or not...}

And this is how my nails looked yesterday, a full week later.
Not bad.


ps. this is NOT a sponsored post!

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  1. what's the pam trick??? I haven't come across that one. I tried the thick lotion trick, and it didn't work.


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