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The boys started school a few weeks ago...
and plenty of well-intentioned family members and friends promised/congratulated me on all the "free time" I was about to find with them in school.

But really...
I just do a whole lot more driving around.

Drop boys off in the morning.
Pick one boy up at lunchtime.
Pick the other up after school.
Drive to soccer.
Pick up from soccer.

And then there's the everyday Target/Costco/bank/post office/cleaners types of trips that I try to squeeze in while they're in school.

So all that to say I'm spending lots of time in my car either driving back and forth or just waiting to pick up someone.
{Mainly just waiting to pick someone up!}

I'm still wondering about this "free time" everyone was talking about...

I usually grab some easy snacks for myself and the baby on the way out the door.
Always makes that time sitting around a little smoother and go a little faster.
The latest snack I've tried is Yoplait Fruitful yogurt.

We're all a bunch of fruit lovers in this house, so I really enjoy them.
They're more like a cup of fruit with yogurt than a cup of yogurt with a little bit of fruit.
The fruit is always my favorite part!!

My copilot approves of them too. :)

If you'd like to try new Yoplait Fruitful yogurt for yourself, click here for a coupon!

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