bento school lunch: week 2

A peek into our lunchbox this week:
{no school on Monday so only 4 this time!!}

watermelon, cukes from our garden, pretzel goldfish, Nutter Butters, raspberries, Nutella sushi rolls

watermelon, graham cracker goldfish, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, raspberries, leftover pizza

pretzel goldfish, pb&j, red pepper, animal crackers, pineapple, raspberries, oatmeal cookie

raspberries, pretzels, vanilla oreos, raisins, red peppers, pb&j topped with candy eyeballs and fruit leather smiles

And for those of you who like to pin a collage of lunches:

To see all of our bento lunches so far, click here. :)

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  1. I have a feeling you have probably already answered this, but how do they stay in the cupcake/silicone cups? I could just see it being a big mess--well with my guys anyway! :)

  2. Such great lunch ideas. I do wonder though how much of the lunch is actually eaten?


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