hosting a backyard movie night

Tracking PixelThis post was sponsored by Netflix. Netflix Families make summer easier.

Last week we planned a fun little backyard movie night party for our littles and some friends.

If you follow along on instagram, you've seen lots of party pics already!

Sometimes I really think I like the prep work of parties just as much as the parties themselves...and this was a type of party I'd never tried before.

It was rainy off and on all day and we were nervous we would never make it outside.

The skies did clear...for a short while...and we managed to set up and get started in the backyard.

I shopped the house for pillows and blankets to make our backyard as cozy as possible.

Lucky for me had almost everything on hand!

I bought the kid-sized adirondack chairs at a local hardware store...they're the perfect angle to sit back and enjoy a show!

We hung a twin sized sheet from our deck to use as a screen and connected a projector to our laptop to stream the movie.

I loved the set up!
What I didn't realize is that Netflix also works on so many other devices...smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, Playstation, XBox, and Wii...and having options is so important when rain is threatening the party!!

I also made sure to have plenty of movie treats...because who goes to the movies and doesn't eat a little junk food? ;)

Popcorn, candy, cupcakes, animal crackers, raspberry lemonade...all my faves.

And the kids all got a kick out of scooping popcorn into bags and pouring their own lemonade from the dispenser...of course their eyes were bigger than their stomachs...but it was SUCH A BIG DEAL to them.

We let them take whatever they wanted.

So sweet to watch.
It's the little things. :)

Picking a movie to show was a challenge...our partygoers ranged from toddler to 5th about an age range!


But Netflix has a dedicated section of movies and shows just for littles after sorting through the choices in the Family Movie Night section, we finally decided on the classic Dumbo.

I loved that movie when I was little!!
{It's also my favorite Disney ride :)}
Believe it or not, none of the kids had ever seen it before {what?!}, so it was a perfect choice.

Just for fun, I thought it might be a cute idea to tie in with the silliness of the circus theme in Dumbo and have a photo booth.

Everyone had such a good time with it!

My 4 year old said it was like being a Mr. Potato Head. :)

There's just something about putting on silly hats and glasses that no one can resist...
And my sister was such a good sport letting me post this pic. ;)

Unfortunately the rain came and a sudden downpour cut our outdoor time short, so we didn't get many pictures.
Such a bummer.
But I am so grateful for friends {and helpful littles!} that RACED to rescue the party and bring it inside before anything got too wet.

Here is a tiny peek I posted on instagram before the rain started.  

All in all, I think everyone had a great time.
Of course the rain put a crimp in my plans, but everything turned out just fine.  {It always does!}
Thanks to all of our friends for coming out and big thanks to Netflix for the opportunity!


In case you're wondering...some sources:

striped straws: Amazon
popcorn bags: Amazon
napkins: Target
mason jars, popcorn/candy/cracker jars: Walmart
popcorn scoops: Amazon
plastic food baskets: Target
drink dispenser: Homegoods
child size Adirondack chairs: Menards
red chairs: vintage
photobooth backdrop: made by me
pillows/blankets: mainly vintage, sewn/altered by me
chalkboard: Ikea
aqua tray: Ikea
outdoor lights: Target

And our "menu":

kettle corn {made by me}
caramel corn {made by me}
animal crackers
cotton candy
raspberry lemonade is a new destination designed to meet your family’s summertime entertainment needs. On, Parents can find lists of movies and TV shows for all kinds of special summer moments.
Visit for more information on the best ways to stream as well as videos about how other families use Netflix.

This post was sponsored by Netflix. Netflix Families makes summer easier.

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  1. Despite the rain, it looked like a fun and magical night.

  2. This looks so fun! I love the idea of having an outdoor movie night! And the blankets were so fun and cozy. Love all the details.

  3. Your party looks like so much fun!
    The blankets, snacks, Photo booth, comfy chairs all looked great!!

  4. Your backdrop was so pretty! Too bad it rained.

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