weekend sewing: dollhouse pillow

Over the weekend, a blog friend and a blog friend stopped for a little while in Chicago.
Luckily, the timing worked out that we got the chance to have lunch and indulge in some creative chit chat.

How we forgot to take a picture of the three of us...I'll never know.

Anywho, all that talk of making and creating got me all fired up to go home and sew something.

I'm soooo good at perfectly imperfect sewing. Ha!!

Since all my party prep came to an end, I've been feeling aimless...
So I made this dollhouse pillow for Sister...it's only been on my to do list since she was born!

This pillow is super straightforward...what you see is what you get.  Windows.  Door.  Chimney.  I added a pocket to the back for fun and thinking that little treasures will find their way in there as she gets older and is interested in that kind of thing.  :)

To see how beautiful and intricate dollhouse pillows can be...just admire Rubyellen's.  I can only imagine how much work she puts into them!!


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  1. Very cute pillow! I love the colors and patterns you mixed together in it.

  2. Oh, it's soooo cute. I'm tempted to make these for my teen daughters:)


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