party diy: glittery pipe cleaner cupcake toppers

If you follow me on instagram or read last week's post about Sister's birthday party, you've seen these little cupcake toppers before. 

I started off thinking I was just going to make a number two, but of course got carried away and started trying to create words instead.

I think it worked out well!

It's probably self explanatory, but just in case, all I did to make these was write out my words in approximately the right size for cupcake toppers and then just started twisting the pipe cleaners into words.

 After I was happy with the shape, I hot glued a toothpick to the back.

Note : : the cheaper the pipecleaner, the better.  I bought a fancy-ish {meaning somewhat more expensive than I usually pay for a package of pipe cleaners} and had some leftover cheapy ones...the "fancy" ones were much fluffier, which made them hard to twist into distinguishable words.

And now you can are the outtakes of my mini photo shoot re-creation when I wasn't taking pictures fast enough...I really should keep a fire extinguisher handy while blogging.  Oy. ;)


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