party diy: colorful fringe tassel garland

This garland is another project I've made for our little girl's upcoming birthday party...if you follow along with me on instagram you recognize it ;)

{click the #sistersturningtwo hashtag and see everything all together!}

Like the party hat cupcake toppers from the other day, I wanted something fun and colorful.

All you need to make the garland is tissue paper...from the gift wrap section at the Xacto knife, a glue gun, and some twine.

Keep the tissue paper folded in half, and cut it into three inch sections with an Xacto knife.

Then cut 1/2 inch fringe, stopping about 1/2 short of the fold.

Unfold the fringe and twist the uncut portion.
Dab a drop of glue from a low temp glue gun to form a loop out of the twisted portion of paper.

And then string the fringey tassel onto a piece of twine.
I used a large tapestry needle, but the loops are really big enough to go without.

For the glittery letter portion of my garland, I used my Silhouette machine like my last little banner and then just draped it across the fringey part.

and  psst...don't forget to use the code COOL if you're interested in one for yourself.

but only until July 12th yo!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I have loved these fringe garlands - so festive.

  2. that is just the CUTEST! i love it! xo


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