I don't think I'm surprising anyone when I say there's all kinds of drama in our bathrooms daily.

Three littles.
All who have a profound and deep love of teeth brushing.
And water.
Oh the water.
And being the one who gets to squeeze the toothpaste on the brush.
And being the one who gets to flip the timer.
Who gets to stand on which side of the sink.


You've seen this before.

And this.
I still can't figure out what was going on here.

So when it's finally my turn to be in the bathroom.
I like simple.

See what I mean.

Even taking a daylight picture in the bathroom is a challenge.

Not long ago I was wandering through Target {shocking} looking at nail polishes and lip glosses and saw these cute new products from hello.

I'm not ashamed to say I buy things because of pretty packaging.
And these are super pretty.
But for one reason or another I didn't buy any that day.

So fast forward a week.
Totally forgot about the pretty products I saw in Target.
But in comes an email from hello asking if I'd like to try their new line.

Do I ever!

I mean.
Come on.
So stinking cute.

And so simple.
No. Drama.

But a pretty face only gets you so far.
Stylish packaging doesn't mean much if what's inside is no bueno.

My fave is the mouthwash.
It doesn't have that crazy burn that I'm used to.

Maybe mouthwash isn't supposed to feel all burn-y??

At any rate.
Just fresh.

No chaos.
No drama.
No mysteriously wet towels on the floor.
No unrolled toilet paper all over.

hello would love for you to try out their new line of products too!
Head on over to their facebook page and grab some coupons! :)


Of course this post was sponsored by hello.  But as always, I only recommend products I really do like. And as always thanks for reading!! xoxo

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