pretty details.

There aren't many things a doily and some baker's twine can't make prettier, no?

Lately I've found a new interest in pinning pretty packages.
The more twine, the more vintage trim, the better.

Those packages just show so much time and love to me.

Recently Baby Sister and I attended a bridal shower for my husband's niece.
Now I love shopping off registries and wandering around housewares departments as much as the next girl...
but at this point in my life, it's hard to juggle a wiggly 1 year old and a big box walking into a shower.
So I take the smaller, easier to carry route of gift cards or a check.

And rather than just a plain envelope, I dress it up a little...and with items I found by shopping my craft room.

Card in a waxed bag, sealed with a little washi tape, of course.

Doily folded over the top.

Tag and a scrap of vintage fabric over that, clipped with a tiny clothespin.

A few times around with some baker's twine.

And there you have it.  Much better than an envelope!

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