end of the year teacher gifts: DIY ice cream sundae kits

Little Brother had his last day of preschool today and Big Brother is finishing up tomorrow.
I can't believe it!
Wasn't I just putting Valentine gifts together??

Anywho, we have four teachers between the two boys, and we love them all.
I wanted to gift something thoughtful and fun, but practical and something that wouldn't break the bank.
These ice cream sundae kits fit the bill.
Nothing says summer to us like making ice cream sundaes!

For each kit I collected a rainbow of ice cream supplies and then repackaged them in a prettier way.

I included:
ice cream scoop
rainbow and chocolate sprinkles
mini marshmallows
gummy bears
mini m&ms
maraschino cherries
ice cream cones
waffle cone bowls
homemade chocolate sauce
homemade caramel sauce
{I decided to skip the wooden spoons...the box was looking too crowded to me!}

I bought everything at Target, Walmart, and the grocery store.
The glassine bags are from Michael's.

I closed the bags and jars with either washi tape or baker's twine.
I made the tags with a word processing program, printed on kraft card stock, and then punched them with scrapbook punches.

I gathered everything together and then started filling the boxes assembly line style.

The chocolate sauce recipe is what I usually make to put in the boys' milk instead of buying the ones full of HFCS at the store.
{This recipe is plenty to fill four small mason jars for gifts and a leftover jar for us.}

The caramel sauce recipe is straight from P Dub herself.
{This recipe is only enough to fill 2 1/2 small mason jars...I doubled it and then ate the leftovers with a spoon.}

I tied the packages up with a bit of gingham ribbon and a doily.

And of course you don't have to limit this to just teachers...it would be a fun gift anytime for ice cream lovers out there! :)
Have a good day, friends.

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  1. this is a very, very cool idea! thanks so much for sharing, i know loads of people who would be so glad to receive this as a present :)

  2. What a gr8 idea!!! I'll have to remember this one! Can I ask...where do you get the boxes you pack them in? They look like the perfect size! Thanks for sharing...it was eye candy!!! (and it seems you also have quite a collection of wash tape....I can't get enough!!)

    1. You can also use photo boxes from craft stores. They are the perfect size and they can then reuse them for pictures or storage.

  3. I loooove this idea! and you make everything look so cute, your presentation is wonderful! we don't finish the school year until December here, so ill have to remember this idea! x

  4. I LoooVe this gift!! Thanks for sharing; so beautiful and tasty!!

  5. what a great idea and gift! this would even make great party favors for my son's bday! great idea! btw: I'm having a Threads Magazine Giveaway on my new sewing blog!! Please share with your followers and come by and enter to win! http://mysewinghabit.blogspot.com/2013/06/threads-magazine-junjul-2013-giveaway.html

    Tweet @MySewingHabit
    Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest: @reynalay

  6. So beautiful! What a lovely idea!
    xoxo Carly

  7. This is a fantastic idea. I love your whole blog too such exciting activities. I am going to use this for a 25th birthday present to send away. Thanks for the inspiration!


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