our summer bucket list.

Making summer bucket/to-do lists is a big thing around blogland.
I'm sure you've seen them all around.

Last year we took the simple route and wrote a few ideas on our kitchen chalkboard {like Meg's...but I guess I didn't blog about it??}
We don't have any crazy hard aspirations for our summers...I think eat lunch at Ikea was the hardest thing on the list...
It works for us at this point in our life. :)
We just come up with things that we would be doing anyway.
If we don't, no big deal.

I was planning on writing this year's list on the chalkboard again, but I came across this super cute {and free!} printable from Lindsay.
So the other day while my two youngest were in bed, my oldest and I broke out the Sharpies and colored our lists {such a huge deal to him...Sharpies are like fabric scissors in this house...mom-only items :)}

His little plans are so sweet to me.
"go to the park"
"go to the pool"
I think I'm going to save it and print these every year from now on to compare...
His charmingly imperfect handwriting...
The fact that he drew lines to make it as neat as possible...
I wish I could freeze time.

I can't believe just how close we are to summer!
Like maybe 4 more school days??
This year went by crazy fast {they all do...}

What are your plans for summer??
Do you write out a list??

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  1. So sweet! Definitely a keeper. You're so smart to keep it simple with little ones. It's those things they will remember. I know...my babies are now 13 and 10...my oldest is graduating from Jr. High next week and starting high school in the fall. It absolutely blows my mind how fast it goes. Happy Summer Vacation!

  2. this is a great idea, i might just do this myself :) thanks for sharing! (and his version is so cute!)

  3. Such a sweet idea! I've never seen it before. =)
    Memories to save....

  4. No list on paper but one in my head - these are cute!



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