a little online shopping

I've always loved online shopping.
No pressure.
No crowds.
No one to see me pick up the same item and put it back and then put it in my cart and then put it back....over and over. ;)

But since I've become a mom, it's become almost a necessity.
No matter how prepared I think we are to go to the store...
someone has to pee.
someone is hungry.
someone is thirsty.
someone doesn't like sitting in the cart.
someone doesn't like walking next to the cart.
someone wants to look in this aisle...
or that one...

And if we somehow manage to get through the store in spite of all that...
I usually forget something.

Seriously.  Online shopping is so perfect for me!

Enter Walmart's new Spark Studio.
I thought I knew everything there is to know about shopping online, but this is a whole new experience.
It's Pinterest and online shopping all in one!

Now I know sometimes Walmart and their shoppers get a bad wrap...
so not the case with Spark Studio.
Since it's set up like Pinterest, you browse items that are the best of the best.
You can even see how many times an item has been pinned.

I love this set up!
I really think {hope??} it's the direction other websites will go in the future.

I set up a Pinterest board of many of my favorite finds...
An aqua cruiser?  I'm so in love.

I would looove an instax camera!

This red bistro set is calling my name.

And in addition to the fun dreamy items, I also pinned the practical.
My fave cookie gifting jars.

We use these cracker jars for everything, especially for parties!

This is our beloved green smoothie blender.
I always like to stock up on flour sack towels for gifting and other rainbowy projects!

And saving my best find for last...
A Jenny Lind bed!
From Walmart!
I love it.
Big Brother has a Jenny Lind bed like this, and as much fun as the hunt was for that one...having this pinned for when I need to upgrade beds for my two youngest is going to be so helpful.

head on over and check out Spark Studio for yourself!
Tell me what you think...what are some of your favorite items??
And if you're interested, you can check out all of my pins right here. :)


This post is sponsored by Walmart, but all opinions and references to uncooperative children in shopping carts are my own.

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  1. I can totally relate to shopping in stores..online shopping is so much better. =)

    I have never tried "Spark Studio" before..love it!
    One of my favorite items that I pinned is the
    Rubbermaid Pull-Down Spice Rack!

    Im following your Spark Studio Finds board. =)

  2. Jenny Lind at Walmart?! Wow! I am off to shop... :)


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