kcw: day 1

Like I already mentioned, I have a few projects to sew in mind, with my Mini Boden catalog close by for inspiration.  

When I posted this pic on instagram/facebook, I got a few questions about sources, so here goes.

Blue stripe and yellow stripe...both shirts.  The blue was once mine...from Land's End...and yellow was purchased last year with the intent of upcycling...from Walmart...I plan on making them both into leggings

Coral...also a shirt purchased just to refashion.  Also from Walmart.  I plan on making it into a tunic/dress.

Violet gingham...yardage from my stash.  Super old, but I know I bought it online.  {I'm no help!!}  Also going to be a tunic/dress.  I plan on pairing it with the blue stripe leggings.

Blue gingham...also yardage from my stash.  Purchased at the same time as the violet gingham.  This will be a bubble skirt.

Floral...vintage yardage.  This became a dress.

Anywho, even though I'm a little late getting started, I did make a dress out of the vintage floral last night.

The pattern is my often-used sweet dress by Leila and Ben.
I'm very comfortable with this pattern, and I've said it before I don't care for the directions, so I just make it my own way.
This is a really quick sew with a serger and it's a cute, flattering fit on my girl.
Sister got a ton of wear out of her gingham and floral ones last year.

This morning I was questioning whether I like the fabric for this dress after all.
As cute as I thought it looked in my head, I started doubting it.
Like it looked just a little too much like my grandma's housecoat...
I got a whole bunch of suggestions from instagram and facebook friends and I think once I add pockets to the front it'll lose the grandma thing it has going on right now.  

Tonight I'm going to spend my sewing time cutting {so not my fave part!} so tomorrow I can crank out those leggings!!

Have you made anything for kcw??
I'd love to see it!


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  1. I think a blue flower pin would look adorable on the dress...or one that would go with other dresses. Maybe even a crocheted flower trio. Just a thought. I'm tempted after hearing you say how easy this dress is to make some of my own.

  2. This is ADORABLE, does it come in my size ;)


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