earth day, kids' clothing week, a whole bunch of links, and whatever else I'm forgetting.

Happy Earth Day!
{is that even something people say?? Ha.}

The weather was finally decently springlike around here today so we spent the afternoon working in the yard.  
I'm longing for the hot days and blooming gardens of summer!
We mainly spent our time pulling leaves and the mess left over from fall/winter out of the garden beds, but while the boys were digging for worms and the other grossness that little boys love, I was plotting.
This year is going to be the year I actually build a cucumber trellis.  With a deck and wanting enough grassy areas for our littles to play, we're really limited on space for gardens.
We have two raised beds and I've heard plenty of good things about square foot gardening, so I've been researching these like crazy.
A trip to Home Depot for supplies is on the schedule for tomorrow.  ;)

I saw this darling little succulent terrarium project last week and fell in love.
We took a trip to the nursery this morning to pick out a few plants.
I'm really looking forward to making it and putting it in the boys' room!

Kids' Clothing Week started today.  {Well, yesterday I guess...}  
I haven't even started thinking about what's on my list to make.
I'm feeling that way a lot lately.  
Life will slow down soon, right?!
I took the fall week off, but last spring I was pretty productive.
I'll definitely be making leggings and maybe a few dresses/tunics.  Sister got a ton of wear out of these last year and they're a really fast sew.

Method offered me the opportunity to try their concentrated laundry detergent a few weeks back and I've been using it ever since.  
I have a draft of a post about what I thought about it for {hopefully} tomorrow.

And psst...if you didn't see me post it on facebook or can enter to win a year's supply of detergent for yourself.  Go here to enter. :)


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  1. Pretty fabric! :-)

  2. We've been square foot gardening for a few years and love it. Mel's mix is amazing. Good luck!!

  3. The terrarium is really cute. I may try that with my girls, although loose pebbles could go one of two ways - may be a little risky! :)

  4. I'm trying a square foot garden but we're not using Mel's Mix this year...maybe next year. We just weren't on the ball this year. :)

  5. aaah, spring! i don't have green fingers, at all, but you're getting me inspired!


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