Earth Day craft: a kite from packaging materials

thredUP recently asked me to participate in an Earth Day craft challenge using their polka dot packaging.
Of course I said yes to polka dots!

I thought and thought about what would be a good way to re-use the packaging...and of course thought of something I knew the boys would love.
A kite!

If you'd like see how you can craft one {in only 10 minutes!} too...visit the thredUP blog for the full how to.

And...if you're feeling really awesome...
go on over to their facebook page vote for your favorite project! {I hope it's mine!!}

If I win, I get a $200 gift card to my fave craft store! Yay!
Plus, readers of my blog will get a coupon code to thredUP to use themselves and two random voters will get a $25 gift card to thredUP!  Double yay!

High fives for voting, friends! Happy Friday!

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  1. this is so wonderful! what a great and cute recycling project!! mezz


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