around here: the laundry

It probably doesn't surprise you that I have my work cut out for me when it comes to washing clothes around here.
I do A LOT of laundry.
Like a lot.

Two boys.
A toddler.
A husband who spends a ton of time on muddy golf courses.
Dirt and messes just seem to find us.

So when Method contacted me about trying their ultra concentrated detergent, it got me thinking about how much time {and money and energy!} I spend on laundry.  I probably wash hundreds of loads a year.

That's a lot of detergent going down the drain.
That's a lot of manufacturing.
That's a lot of packaging.
So that got me thinking again...

Now "going green" and doing right by the planet is important to me, don't get me wrong...I have three children that will be living on this Earth long after I'm gone.  But I'll confess that I don't like to compromise on effectiveness and I don't want to add any extra steps to my life.
Cloth diapers?
Not for me.
Packing my car and driving to a recycling center?
Not gonna happen.
Getting rid of that SUV for something more fuel efficient and friendly to the environment?
Nope.  Sorry.

But I can do little things.
Like switching to concentrated laundry detergent.
It uses less packaging and I know it's manufactured responsibly using sustainable materials.
THAT works for me.

So for the past few weeks I switched detergent.
I'm happy to say it's fantastic.
All of the things I liked about my old detergent...the scent, the effectiveness of getting out THE CRAZY NUMBER OF STAINS that happen in this house...all there.
Doing the right thing for the environment?  Check.
Not sacrificing convenience or function?  Check.  Check.
I'm so glad I made the switch.

Want to try Method for yourself?  How about winning a whole year's supply of detergent??
Click here and enter.
Good luck!!


This post is sponsored by Method.  Method provided product for me to try, but opinions and photos of unfolded laundry are my own.

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