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Finding class treats at the party store.

Every now and then I hope my Kitchenaid breaks...just so I can get a new one in a different color.

Caught myself rainbowtizing dirty dishes the other day. 
all three of them.
And no one's fighting.
Doesn't happen very often.

11 inches of snow falling outside.
But inside Trader Joe's it's spring and the tulips are blooming.

And then this happened.
So. Cool.

Yep 11 inches out there.
But no snow day.

Target's holiday stuff always kills me.
Fox Easter eggs?!

Sled = more fun than a stroller for a walk around the park.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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  1. Ever thought giving your Kitchenaid a new paint job or vinyl? Check Pinterest for some great ideas. I'm doing my washer and dryer :)

  2. saw those eggs @ Target today but did you see the Darth Vadar and Yoda ones????? Totally cool.

  3. Where are those kitchen aid mixers? I'm on the search for one and I love those colors!!


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