celebrating St. Patrick's Day & how to print on brown paper bags

For the past few days the boys have been talking about the leprechaun coming to visit on St. Patrick's day, so I put together little bags filled with green candy and trinkets from the party store for the leprechaun to leave.

I remember when St. Patrick's Day used to be all Shamrock Shakes and wearing a green shirt...
And a green beer or two...

But I've got to do up these holidays right while they're little and this kind of thing is magical...so if they're excited about the leprechaun visiting, then the leprechaun is darn well gonna visit. ;)

You can get the template for printing these bags right here.

Here's how I print on paper lunchbags:

I tape them flat side up to a regular sheet of paper. {and here's a great way to use washi tape for those of you who have asked what I actually do with all of it!}  I've had success before printing on bags by feeding them through my printer without taping them down, but it doesn't always work...taping them down is far less frustrating.

Make sure you check which direction your printer prints before you start so you don't end up wasting ink printing upside down!

My printer needs a bit of sweet talking to feed bags or cardstock through, but it will do it...and I have the most basic HP inkjet printer Target sells.

I print them one at a time, gently pushing the bag through as it starts to feed.  I let the ink dry for a minute and then untape them.  That's all!

Then fill 'em up and use some more of that pretty washi tape to seal them shut.

And a warning  from the girl who used to jam her parents' {fancy, laserjet} printer pretty much every night of high school because I was always shoving something in it:  

Don't force it.  Don't risk ruining your printer or getting a bag jammed in it the night before you need to print out important documents or a big work presentation.  Use a Sharpie.  Use stamps.  It's all good. :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends!

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