instagrammy catch up part 2

Like I said, a whole bunch more of my instagrams...
If you'd like to follow along, I'm @aprettycoollife

The craft room cleaning is coming right along.
And these are just scraps...

Order restored with the rest of the fabric.
My new chair fits in just perfectly!

Shelves are starting to look better too...

My 4 yr old saw this guy from across Trader Joe's and proceeded to scream, "look Mom!!! A rockstar!!" :)

Slow cooker whole chicken has officially made it's way into the weekly rotation.

Enough with the snow already, Old Man Winter.

Foxy Target socks.

Little girl on her way to crash soccer practice one more time.

Six loads.
Still not completely put away.

My thrifting luck continues.
Gorgeous sheet in mint condition.
Rainbowy mug.
And a little shelf just begging to be spray painted white.

Picnicking on the kitchen floor.

I am a wimp.
And I was a wimp with a flat tire.

40 bags in 40 days has only just begun.
I can't wait!!


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  1. lol and then you creepily took a picture of said rockstar! Love that snowy pic!


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