instagrammy catch up part 1

I haven't blogged my instagram pics in awhile...
So that means there are A LOT.
And I'll break them up into more manageable amounts.
Just so you know you've been warned. ;)

As always, I'd love it if you'd follow along.  I'm @aprettycoollife

My original 80s Lego guys.
I love their simple smiley faces.

I wandered into the thrift store on 50% furniture day.
Pretty chair on the right was only 10 bucks with the discount.
I forced myself to have self control and walked away.

But then I turned around and drove back.
So much for the self control.  Haha.

Nutella hot chocolate after freezing outside while the boys played in the snow.

Keepin' it real on the craft room disaster.

Found these long lost flea market finds.
Each one is completely handstitched!
They're amazing and beautiful.
Now to find the perfect project to suit them.

Date night!

The Red Plate was a special tradition in my family growing up.
Now I'm carrying it on with mine.

The girl has got crazy Yoplait stacking skillz.

That's me. :) :) :)

100 days of school calls for 100 googly eyes.

Festive crafting.

My first attempt at making barettes.
I'm starting to feel like a real girl mom! ;)


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