Here's a teeny glimpse of the past week in our lives through filtered iphone pics.
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Baby Sister is turning 2.
This summer.
I'm planning now.

It's overkill and I know it. ;)

25 cent thrifted treasures.

8 am in the lumber section.
Just the contractors and the girl with a stroller.
It's cool.

I was all set to start.
And then a tiny human in this house decided not to nap.

Getting crafty with the grandma bling again.

Sometimes I sit down to sew and the tension on my machine is all off.
And I wonder how that happened.
I give you exhibit A.

All our Friday dinners during Lent look the same.
Fish and chips.

All baby dolls must be lined up before naps.
And then she doesn't nap anyway.

And so when aforementioned tiny human does not nap.
And her brothers are bouncing off the walls.
I send them downstairs to play with Dad.
And I hide and eat raw cookie dough. ;)

Have a good week, friends!

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  1. I have always had a weakness for photos taken from behind, I have no clue why but somehow they manage to tell the story in a great way! :-)

  2. My 3yo boy does the EXACT same thing to the EXACT same machine.

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  4. I totally feel you on the party planning! It's fun!!!! I love those little favor cups, too. Must go hunt those down...


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