a pillow for the tooth fairy

We hit a big milestone in our house this week with a first wiggly tooth.

Naturally I knew this day was coming, so I had a cute little pillow sewn and waiting for the tooth fairy.


Martha to the rescue.
I love her tooth fairy pillow.  I love the description, too:

Martha makes a charming pillow to hold baby teeth awaiting pickup by the Tooth Fairy.

So Martha.

Description of my project:

Cheryl starts sewing a pillow with a slightly crooked tooth on it at 11:30 at night because her child will only eat applesauce in fear of said wiggly tooth falling out before we have the proper pillow.

Ha ha.
So not Martha.
Very Cheryl, though. ;)

Anywho, I followed her basic pattern and got this done in about an hour last night.
I made my pillow 9 x 9 and used her tooth template.  The only changes I made were appliqueing the tooth to a larger pocket, and I used a regular quilting cotton for the tooth.

And now we're ready for that little tooth to come out anytime! :)

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  1. i love this! i used to have a tooth fairy pillow and lived it! my 6 yr old must be lising teeth soon, do i think i might copt this idea!

    lovely blog by the way.

    mezz (aka mezz makes stuff)

  2. My gramma Lucy made my brother and I each a tooth fairy pillow when we were little.
    I still have it.

  3. I love your tooth fairy pillow! Its so cute! =)


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