Wrapping it up: December


Our Christmas stuff is snuggled safely away in boxes until next year.
Our trees are at the curb.
Target's Christmas section is down to 90% off.
The boys are back in school.
It's time I wrap this thing up.
Pink glitter and heart punches are calling my name.
I give you Christmastime 2012 in few words and many pictures.

Christmas Eve eve is my crazy baking day.
I instagrammed my way through 5 pounds of butter and who knows how much sugar....
I think we surpassed the Keebler elves this year in goody making.

And then on Christmas Eve we host my family.

Santa came!

He was very good to me.
He knew exactly what I wanted....I was his personal shopper! :)

As a complete (and super awesome and exciting!) surprise...
I was nominated to the COM Top 25 Creative Moms of 2013.
Thank you whoever nominated this little blog of mine!

So...will you show some love and vote for me please?? :)


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  1. What a beautiful Christmas :-)
    And I have to say ( I hope this doesn't sound creepy and stalker ish) I love that you have started including more "people pictures" especially on IG when you do pics of yourself. It makes me feel so much more connected to your blog and its always nice to see the real person behind the voice :-)

    I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you x


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