Jumping on the green smoothie bandwagon.

I made green smoothies today.
I feel so trendy.
I usually get into trends right about the time they're ending....
Are green smoothies even still popular??

I just started wearing skinny jeans a month ago.
So that trend should be over any day now. ;)

But seriously.
They were pretty good.
Pineapple's texture is always a little weird to me, but the taste was good.
All three of my children asked for more, so that's saying something.
And with all of my talking about healthier choices for our family lately, I felt like this was a good thing.

I used a super fancy and elegant cookbook for the recipe...
the instruction manual that came with our Ninja.

I didn't really measure anything and it came out just fine.  Smoothie making isn't really an exact science I take it... :)

Handful of baby spinach.
A banana.
A couple of kiwis.
A scoop of frozen pineapple.
4ish ounces of water.

I instagrammed a picture of my smoothie making and I got tons of ideas for recipes.
Search for "green smoothie" on pinterest or google and it's totally overwhelming...but these sound like some good ones to try.
I guess my addition tomorrow will be chia seeds??
Any other green smoothie tips??
If you have a recipe you love/is super healthy...please share!  I'd love to hear it, too!

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  1. Leave the peels on for anything you can stand to! So many nutrients!

  2. Hmm, I've been thinking of trying a green smoothie, but drinking spinach never sounded too appealing! The pineapple sounds good in this one too, might give it a go! xxx

  3. I love green smoothies! I put spinach, frozen banana slices, orange sections, chia seeds, almond milk and a little crushed ice in mine. I feel so healthy when I drink them :) When bananas are getting a little to ripe for me I slice them and put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Then I store them in a plastic freezer container until I'm ready for a smoothie.

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  5. I love to use frozen fruit with mine. And I usually add flax seed. I also use a little OJ for the vitamin c. I love that I really can't mess up a smoothie. Believe me, I've tried. ;)


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