Another week gone by.
A few more peeks into our lives through filtered iphone pics.
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Target's dollar spot never disappoints in cute paper.

Plastic rainbow heart bins for the win.

Pre battlefield.

Button monograms in the works.

Snowy days.
Hunting Legos out of the floor vents.
An exciting adventure for them both.

My fear of cooking a whole chicken conquered.
This recipe to the rescue.

Reasonable breakfast.


We just don't do plain socks.

The girl with two big brothers.
Lover of bugs and dinosaurs.
Barbies and princesses...notsomuch.

Friends of instagram and facebook would never steer me wrong on a fashion decision. :)


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  1. Love all the color in these pics!

  2. I adore that first picture with the heart paper and twine! I also love that shirt! I want one for myself!!! :-)


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