Little bits and pieces of the last week through iphone photos.
If you'd like to follow along on instagram, I'm @aprettycoollife :)

Just a box of happy.

We're de-Christmasfied.

I think I was in the presence of an extreme couponer...
Or tv dinner lover...
Or bachelor...

Still going strong on the green smoothies.

Colorful and happy Target finds.

Crashing Big Bro's soccer practice.

Self serve cutting counter at Ikea = awesomeness.

Feeding my Sharpie addiction.

Happy sprinkles.

Nearly 50 degrees in January!

Even more happy sprinkles.

Coloring up a storm.

Spray paint makeovers.

Playing with our food.

Yes, I am a fancy chef.

Mastering grapefruit spoons.

Found beneath the couch.

Light saber battling.

Missing it already.

Frosted car windows.
It would be prettier if it weren't SO. COLD.

And a little more green smoothie love.

Have a good week, friends!

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  1. Love Love instagram!

    Have a great week!! :) Hope it won't be so cold!


  2. Love your pics! Beautiful! It's summer here so I can't sympathise with the "beautiful if it weren't so cold", it's still beautiful! ;)


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