A quick peek into our lives over the last week through filtered iphone pics.
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Made a valentiney crayon roll for our girl.
{Directions here}

Playing with our food. 

Going strong with the green smoothies.

18 month check up.
Sad face for mama.
Stop! Growing!

Want to know how not to stress over making a Christmas dress in December?
Buy one in January.
Nieman Marcus for Target at 70% off.
16 bucks and I'm feeling less stressed already.

Egg salad.
Not winning any beauty contests as a sandwich.
So pretty as a bowl full of ingredients.

Orange you glad I didn't say banana??
I crack myself up.

Valentine sprinkle-ing.

Target.  Stop.
Too much Valentine cuteness going on.

Our latest fave green smoothie.

Soccer practice.

Wish I could say that was the outside temp.
Nope, just me trying to thaw myself.

Stay warm & have a good day, friends.

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  1. That temp! I was like "that's it, I'm moving to Illinois!" never mind.... :) how is she so big already???

  2. Ooh wow I wish we had target over here - that valentine stuff looks fab!


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