A tiny peek into the past (few!) weeks of our lives, through filtered iphone photos.


Gingerbread houses.

Teeny trees.

Red nail polish disasters.

Count downs.

Iphone bokeh.

New (to me) Santas.

Greenery love.

Gingerbread houses.

 Martha mail.


Candy making.

Party decorations.

Lego head jars.

Candy minifigs.

Berry goodies.

Bokeh addict.

Diet Coke addict.

Christmas tree love.


Thrift store.

Late night crafting.

If you'd like to follow along, I'm @aprettycoollife on instagram :)


  1. Holy crap what happened with the nail polish!?!? We're doing that countdown too :) Do you know how to make shaped bokeh? I posted a tutorial last year and a refresher here:

  2. Yes, the nail polish looks like a major disaster! I made crayons with that lego mold and you have to slap the devil out of them to get the bubbles to rise. I mean lift it up and SMACK them down on the counter (as hard as you can without spilling your liquid). The lego bricks are even harder to get the bubbles out of because the air loves to go to those dots on top and camp out. I hope you'll share your party here and add your photos to the Lego Crafts flickr group I made!

  3. I love those Santa mugs; I remember those from my childhood.

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