Driscoll's berries holiday crafting

Recently I was asked by Driscoll's to participate in their virtual holiday craft workshop.

We eat a lot of berries.  
A lot.  
I never thought about crafting with them...
But I thought why not?
So I agreed.

I'll admit coming up with a craft wasn't easy.
My first thought was some sort of decoration on cupcakes.

Cupcakes are actually my first thought a lot. Ha!

But I thought and thought and then realized I could do this project with the boys...make it a berry spin on one of our favorite holiday traditions.

So we made a gingerbread house decorated with berries!

It's simple.
It was fun.
It has the least amount of sugar of any gingerbread house we've ever decorated. Ha!

We had a good time doing it but are now the boys are revved up to make their sugary versions with candy...but I must mentally prepare myself for their sugar highs first. :)


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