We've crammed so much celebration and activity into the past few days.
Here's what it's looked like in many pictures but not many words.

The boys are way into SCARY pumpkins.
Could you tell??

We had a fighter pilot, Captain America, and baby elephant this Halloween.
The boys love dress up, so I wasn't sure what they would choose to wear, but their choices were very them.
And baby elephant still doesn't have a say in her costume. ;)

I love how holidays keep getting more and more fun as the boys get older and more excited.  Watching their anticipation and excitement is beautiful.
They had a blast.


I feel like we had an entire weekend of activity in 24 hours!!
And this is only the beginning of the crazy busy end of the year.  ;)

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  1. Such nice pics, makes me feel like I was there! :-)

  2. Lovely pictures and sweet memories. I think you're are my favorite Halloween pics thus far. Take care.

  3. youre pumpkins look great!! i bought a captain america and an elephant costume last night at meijer! :)

    1. that would be YOUR pumpkins look great!!

  4. no pictures of the elephant?! we had a girl dress as an elephant come trick or treating with us and she looked so warm with her cute trunk on the top of her head :)


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