Black Friday shopping


I love Black Friday.
Not for the sales or camping out in the Best Buy parking lot (although we did briefly venture into Target).  Yikes.
But for the trip we make to the tree lot.

Year after year.
I look forward to it and I really enjoy it!


I guess Bruce Springsteen was at the same tree lot. ;)

And somehow I forgot how attractive Christmas trees are to 1 year olds.
All four of us spent a good chunk of the weekend distracting and redirecting Sister.
So for now we're sticking with just lights.
I'm hoping her curiosity will pass and we can put the ornaments on soon.
The boys are begging for them!
At this point it's safe to say our second tree for the playroom will be a tabletop one.
I can't get this one out of my mind.  I love it!!

Have a good week, friends.

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  1. We did the same thing! Forget the stores, bring on the tree!

  2. Oh yes, it will be interesting to see how my little one reacts to the tree this year. I had totally forgotten about that. Little Miss is into EVERYTHING, so it may be an ornamentless tree for us.

  3. The trees look wonderful...I can almost smell them! ( Ive been using a artificial tree for awhile)...I hope you get to put up the ornaments!
    Maybe ..just on the "higher branches"? =)


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