Last second vampire teeth Halloween treats & printable (updated!)

If I didn't do things last second, someone would think I was abducted by aliens! :)

I put together these vampire teeth favors for the boys' school Halloween parties.  Non-food valentines were easy...but I was stumped for something fun and cute for Halloween.  I finally came up with these last night.

I had another idea about eyeball super balls, but apparently fangs beat eyeballs in the 5 and under crowd.  So fangs it is. :)

I made this little printable (UPDATED: click here to download) and took it to the office store to have it copied on orange paper.

I found the teeth in Target's Halloween section.

I also got a stack of plain orange paper for the backs.

I cut them all into 4x6 rectangles.

Then I fed them through my sewing machine.

I sewed one side at a time until I had a pouch formed.

I filled each with a set of fangs.

And sewed the top shut.

Easy as that!


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  1. I'll be up late doing my daughter's school decorations tonight! All for under $5 :) I've never sewed paper before, I'd be afraid to break a needle or something! Super cute and simple, good job!

  2. LOVE these! Adorable and clever! Thanks for sharing!

    Love your blog, too :)


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