I should be sewing children's clothing...

Meg's KCWC is in full force and I have nothing but a few patterns cut to show for myself.

My goal for the week was to have a Christmas dress done and bow ties sewn for the boys.
Maybe a few bubble skirts?
Some leggings?

I should walk away from the computer and sit down in front of my machine already!

But I have been having a good run of luck thrifting lately...

I'm dying to fill that bowl with vintage ornaments!
And those are just a few of the frames I've gotten.  Let the spray painting begin. :)

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.
The boys had such a great time.  Probably the best time since I started dragging them there as infants for festive pumpkin pictures.
Of course I enjoyed myself too.  I always do.  Too many pictures to follow. ;)

And I haven't completely abandoned sewing for the week.
I have started on Christmas quilts to gift.
In October.
Someone check my temperature.  This is not normal for me!!

Hope you're having a good week, friends.
October's 10 on 10 pictures soon......


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  1. I started a Christmas quilt workshop yesterday...oh boy. In over my head a l'il bit but I'm looking forward to the finished result and getting more confidence creating :D
    I love the white bowl too...score!


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