our craft and school cabinet

Something about the change of seasons makes me want to nest.
Organize, purge...light a pumpkin candle.
It just feels right. :)

I mentioned a few weeks ago how I've been itching to redecorate, but that's been slow going.
We're in a sort of limbo with sleeping arrangements, so my decorating's in a holding pattern.
Who knew adding one tiny human to the mix could be so complicated??
Four bedrooms, five people, and I haven't found the right solution.

First world problems for sure.
So in the meantime, a whole bunch of happy craft supplies together at last in a cabinet. :)

During naps the other day, my 5 year old and I organized/purged craft and school supplies into a single cupboard.
Our system wasn't working.
A little bit here, a little bit there...some things up too high, some things in a locked drawer.  School papers a mess.
Not so good.

This cabinet sits in our guest room.
I was keeping baby clothes in it, but for the past few months it's been sitting empty.
So school and craft supplies went in.

Nothing fancy, just like things kept with like things.
Everything accessible to the boys. A bench and a chair sitting beside it if they need to reach something.

I'm so happy that I didn't spend a penny.
Usually my organizing involves buying color coordinated baskets and crates and file folders. :)
This time I used what I had.

And btw...these are supplies for my children.
I don't mind sharing, it's just that some things are for mom only...and some things are just not okay for a preschooler/kindergartner.
And those things have a whole room, not just a cabinet. :)

I dream that one day it will be neat and organized and ready for pictures on my blog.
Until then, turn on an episode of Hoarders.
You'll get the picture. Ha!

Happy day, friends.


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  1. I love that cabinet you've used! We use boring old bins, but having it in a cabinet with shels makes everything within reach and easy to see...love the clothespin on the doors idea too! :)

    Jennifer @ Fiber Flux

  2. I'm in the stuff-here-and-there-and-everywhere category.
    Craft supplies are abundant and spread out in my hood!
    I like that I can always just point behind or beside me when the kids are bored and say..."why don't you grab those markers and draw me something"...lol.
    It's convenient...yeah that's what I tell myself :D

  3. I love it! I need to find an old cabinet myself to use for these things! We have a tiny 3 bedroom home, and although there are only 2 of us and a small dog, all the rooms are full! One room in particular looks like a hoarders paradise! I need to organize all of our hobby supplies and maybe a cabinet like this would help! Thanks for the inspiration!



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