Party DIY: cupcake in a jar lids


As a party favor for Sister's 1st birthday party I made cupcakes in a jar.  I thought I'd share how I topped the jars.

baby's name edited out of pics :)

I debated what to top the jars with.  Pinterest and the party websites show custom tags and stickers.

Neither were options for me because:
a) I wanted to do this on a shoestring
b) I waffled way too long to have anything printed and arrive in time for the party :)

So I decided on this super simple, non-spendy idea.  If you have a grocery bag and a scrapbook punch (or patience and a pair of scissors!) you can make them.

Start by turning your grocery bag into swiss cheese with your punch.  The 2.5 inch size punch is a perfect fit for regular mouth mason jars.

I made 48 jars using two bags.

I bought this custom stamp maker at the office store for Christmas gifts last year.  I love it and actually use it a ton.  Of course, perfectly imperfect has to be your style...which totally works for me.

I set mine to say Happy First Birthday {Baby Sister} and stamped away.

I also freehanded a little heart on each tag for fun.

Then I slipped the tag onto each lid and slid it into the glue or anything needed.

I tied each jar with a piece of baker's twine and a spoon and was good to go!


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  1. Cute idea, I´ll remember that!

  2. Your jars are so cute! Thanks for showing "how you made them"! =)

  3. That stamp is such a brilliant way to go. Hooray for shoestring creating. :)

  4. Thanks for this. Do you have a post about the cupcake in a jar bit, too?

  5. Very cute! I can't believe you made 48 of those! Whew!

  6. where did you get those type of plastic spoons? They are really cute!


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